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T hanks for your interest in attending an event!
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Steps on how to sign up for a local event

1. Look for an event in your area

Please select an event on the map

2. Book your seat on the signup page.

3. If there is no event in your area, consider hosting one yourself :)

Do the action solo

You prefer to participate at the campaign from the comfort of your couch? That’s totally fine! Here is how:

Install Firefox Beta for Desktop

Check this list of the 200 most famous websites in your local and choose the website you want to test. If you can't find your country you can also check the Alexa list. Please don't start at the top to make sure we do not only test the first 10.

Once you have finished testing a website go and report it on the report form, you will find all the info you need on how to report your work

Keep doing the awesome work and make Firefox better!